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EDI 0.1 released!

August 30, 2015 - ajwillia.ms

Version 0.1 of EDI marks the first official stable release of the application since we started development 2 years ago! It combines the features that have been included in earlier releases plus the new editor we’ve been working on in the background.


New editor in 0.0.9 release

June 2, 2015 - ajwillia.ms

Today I’m thrilled to announce the 0.0.9 release of EDI. I had planned that 0.1 would be the next release but due to lots of change with the EFL at this time the full stable release is not going to be until August. Therefore I decided to roll back a few small changes that required latest efl so that one could be released against 1.14.


EDI is now packaged in Bodhi Linux

March 18, 2015 - ajwillia.ms

I was excited to be informed by Jef91 that he decided to package and upload EDI for the latest distribution of Bodhi linux! You can find the page (and rate it) in the App Center.