Another release of the Edi IDE.


  • C# syntax-highlighting and project support.
  • UI rearrangement.
  • Internal icons.
  • Toolbar configurable.
  • Tab movement (dragging).
  • Tab bar mouse scrolling.
  • Support for EDI as standalone text editor.
  • Improved mime type handling.
  • Complete widget configuration in settings.
  • API additions and improvements.
  • Move all examples to meson.

Bug fixes:

  • Debugging reliability.
  • SCM filepanel improvements.
  • Fix wizard reliablity.
  • Search stabililty improvements.
  • Fixes and improvements for FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
  • Transparancy fixes.
  • Many stability fixes.
  • Improvements to the EFL code widget.
  • Improve file save behaviour.
  • Fix welcome content black hole (Escape).