Version 0.1 of EDI marks the first official stable release of the application since we started development 2 years ago! It combines the features that have been included in earlier releases plus the new editor we’ve been working on in the background.

Full feature list:

  • Editing and saving text files
  • Tabbed browsing of open files
  • Opening editor in a new window
  • Displaying directory for the project (directory)
  • Link files out to external viewers / editors
  • No screen waste (toolbar, menu, tab are out of the way of the developer)
  • Info panel with logs and useful output
  • Create new file
  • Simple build functions
  • Search & replace in file
  • Line numbers & go to line
  • Creation of new projects from name input and skeleton project files
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Diff rendering

This release offers a huge performance improvement over previous beta releases and is more stable too. The base requirement is EFL 1.15 and we continue to use libclang for the syntax highlighting.

Please try out this with your own projects and send in your feedback through the app’s About screen or on .