Today I’m thrilled to announce the 0.0.9 release of EDI. I had planned that 0.1 would be the next release but due to lots of change with the EFL at this time the full stable release is not going to be until August. Therefore I decided to roll back a few small changes that required latest efl so that one could be released against 1.14.

The dependencies that the 0.0.9 release require are readily available in many distributions - I have tested in Arch Linux and it works well.

The main reason to get this release out earlier is to let everyone try out the cool new code editor that is a key part of EDI’s future. Whist performance and usability are important parts of the widget architecture you should notice it supports more features such as highlighting lines with errors (hover to read the error) or TODOs.

As always I hope that you like the update - please do report bugs through the app’s About screen or on .