An EFL based / focussed IDE for Linux

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Welcome to the EDI IDE

Our aim is to create a new, native development environment for Linux that makes getting up and running easier than ever before. With so much happening on Linux both on the desktop and on mobile we want to help more developers get involved in the exciting future of open source development.



Here's a video of the public announcement of the EDI project at the Enlightenment Developer Day 2014 in Düsseldorf.


To get up and running with the very latest in Linux development environments just follow these simple steps!

$ git clone https://github.com/ajwillia-ms/edi.git
$ cd edi
$ ./autogen.sh
$ make && sudo make install

We also recommend installing the Faenza icon theme as it works fits really well. You'll need to install the theme and choose "Faenza Dark" from elementary_config.

Feedback and ideas

Please send them in :) You can find us in the #edi-ide room on irc.freenode.net or leave a bug description at phab.enlightenment.org.

Provide support

We like beer and patches. If you see a bug or would like a feature then feel free to code it up and submit a pull request!

If you're not ready to work on the code, too busy or you would just like to support the project then you can always donate at our Bountysource page.

Authors and Contributors

Edi is developed by @ajwillia-ms and netstar with contributions from Yohoho, @wilsonk and others